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Tigra Tables - Live Demo

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Table #1

Tigra Tables Compatibility List
CompatibleUncompatible (causes no problems)
Microsoft Internet Explorer4.0Netscape Communicator4.7
Microsoft Internet Explorer5.0Netscape Communicator4.51
Microsoft Internet Explorer5.5Netscape6.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0Opera5.02

Table #2

HTML document object properties
activeElementRetrieves the object that has the focus.
aLinkColorSets or retrieves the color of all active links in the document.
bgColorSets or retrieves the background color behind the document object.
bodySpecifies the beginning and end of the document body.
contentEditableSets or retrieves whether the user can edit the content of the document object.
cookieSets or retrieves the string value of a cookie.
defaultCharsetSets or retrieves the default character set of the document.
designModeSets or retrieves whether the document can be edited.
documentElementRetrieves a reference to the root node of the document.
domainSets or retrieves the security domain of the document.


There are two tables above to demonstrate that your tables' design depends only on your imagination and creativity.



Cost Saving Component - Never has been creating table visual effects so easy and intuitive. Within few minutes you can make your boring table data attractive and vivid

Easy data reading - With all visual enhancements that Tigra Tables offer reading table data is easier than ever. Altering colors, onmouseover row highlight, rows markup. Have you planned those nice and useful features in your application?

Professional Look - Simple great looking improvement to the user interface of your web application.