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Tigra Tree Menu PRO

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Order Now! High performance, efficient resources utilization and compact configuration files of the component make it possible to use it with huge hierarchies. Very little or no web development experience is required to start using the script. Powerfull features are available for advanced programmers.


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Even if half of the items below sound greek to you, sooner or later you'll find them all very useful. Being web developers ourselves and communicating with other programmers for years we've included in the list and implemented all most demanded features.

Compatibility Table

Tigra Tree Menu PRO is designed to efficiently employ maximum capabilities of the visitor's browser. While supporting old browsers with limited or no dynamic content update capabilities, Tigra Tree Menu PRO efficiently uses features of new browsers making navigation through hosting application smooth and comfortable.
Here is a table of the application compatibility:

Platform Browser
MS IE Netscape Mozilla Firefox Opera Safari AOL Konqueror
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 4.0+ 4.08+ 0.9+ 5.0+ 3+ 4+ n/a
Mac OS 8/9/X 5.0+ 4.7+ 0.9+ 6.0+ 1.3+ ? n/a
KDE on Linux/FreeBSD n/a 4.7+ 0.9+ 6.0+ n/a n/a 3.3.1+

Please inform us on test results with unlisted here browsers.