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Tigra Tree Menu AJAX

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Tigra Tree Menu AJAX is a highly versatile load-on-demand JavaScript (DHTML) tree control for web applications utilizing AJAX technology.


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  • Customizable templates (icons, styles, etc).
  • Multiple independently configured control instances in single page
  • Any hierarchy configuration (unlimited depth, width, number of items etc)
  • Tree can be initialized during the page loading or any time later
  • Flexible XML configuration - send as much or as little information as you need
  • Customize icons, events and other properties for individual items
  • Hierarchy can be pre-loaded to any initial state
  • Individual branches can be reloaded or removed at any time
  • Sophisticated API allows changes to the behaviour of the tree control according to your application's needs
  • Scalable solution - high performance and low resources utilization
  • Professionally developed and maintained software
  • Well formatted and commented code ready for your customizations if needed
  • Reasonable price, simple licensing

System Requirements

  • Any modern AJAX capable browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE6+, Safari2+, Opera7+)
  • Server side back end (can be any language, PHP sample provided)

Important Skill Requirements: Tigra Tree Menu AJAX is a client side component that requires the supporting code on the server side. The distribution package includes the working sample of the complete system with the PHP back end. In order to use this product the developer must be able to create or customize the server side script specifically to his/her application. General programming experience and basic JavaScript skills are required for using component's API.

How it works

  1. The tree control initializes either while the page is loading or later in the loaded page by some event in the client side interface. Customizable "Loading" message is displayed.
  2. Background Asynchronous HTTP request is immediately sent to server by the tree
  3. Server side script reads the data source (database, filesystem, static config etc.) and sends back the information in form of XML
  4. Tree control receives and parses the XML and displays the tree elements
  5. When user expands the element for the first time the new HTTP request is generated with the ID of that element passed as the parameter. Process repeats from step 4. Multiple concurrent requests can be generated and processed in parallel.
  6. The client side application can receive and handle events from the tree as well as modify the tree state via the API as needed