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Tigra Calendar PRO

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Order Now! Tigra Calendar PRO is highly configurable JavaScript Calendar offering high reliability and wide browsers support.
This script allows your visitors to pick any allowed date or timestamp from a nice looking calendar without typing. Result is returned in a single text field in any format that you require. No more messing with date formats conversion. Tigra Calendar PRO is ideal for web application with database back end such as hotel reservation, ticket booking and others. Script is intuitive to use and easy to maintain.


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Compatibility Table

Tigra Calendar PRO works with any browser that capable of generic DHTML.
Here is a table of the application compatibility:

BrowserModification of Calendar
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
MS IE 4++++
Netscape 6++++
Netscape 4.xn/a++
Opera 7.x+++
Opera 6.xn/a++
Opera 5.xn/a++
Mozilla 0.9++++
Safari 3++++
Mac OS 8/9/X
MS IE 5++++
Netscape 6++++
Netscape 4.xn/a++
Opera 6.xn/a++