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Tigra Hints - Demo

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Full sized images that can't normally fit into your design can be shown with Tigra Hints. Check out the demo below.



Any HTML can be used inside Tigra Hints. This example demonstrates tables containing additional contextual information nested into pop-up boxes.

W3C DOM Compatibility - CSS
  IE 5 Win IE 6 Win IE 5.2 Mac Mozilla 1.2 Opera 7
Element styles partially partially partially partially partially
Accessing style sheets partially partially yes partially no
Changing style sheets partially partially no partially no
Style sheet properties yes yes yes yes no
Miscellaneous no partially partially partially no


Another sample of graphical hint.

Div element:

Hints can also have the transparent background. This demo also demonstrates "follow the mouse" mode.

About SoftComplex


Multipurpose use - You can use Tigra Hints for different purposes: as illustrations, full text explanations, table data, diagrams, inline glossary, annotations, references, answers to questions, forms, etc.

Saves the space on the page - With Tigra Hints there is always enough space for the content you want on your site. Now you can make your page as informative as you need without compromising the design

Time Saving Component - Got no time to create cross-browser tooltips for your web page? Just pick free ready-to-use solution provided by SoftComplex

Professional Look - Simple great looking improvement to the user interface of your web application