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Please consider us for your project. Drop us a line describing your idea and you’ll receive no-charge, no-commitment time and cost estimates for the job.


We specialize in following areas:

How does it work?

Here is how we develop software solution for our valuable customers:

  1. Customer submits a support ticket or email with the rough description of his/her project
  2. Our team member with expertise in the involved technology responds directly to the customer with additional questions (if any)
  3. Customer receives no-charge, no-commitment cost and completion time estimates
  4. While we work on the project customer stays in close communication with the developer providing the valuable feedback
  5. After careful testing we deliver software to customer. If ordered we provide installation and tuning services in the customer’s production environment
  6. Technical support and staff training is provided if needed
  7. We fix any issues detected during usage of the software and collect requests for next release of the software

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