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Tigra Scroller PRO is professional cross browser JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box. Script offers great browsers compatibility and most complete feature set. Moving content saves the space on the page and attracts visitor's attention. Script is ideal for displaying long lists like hot news, events, slide shows, ads etc.


* - Netscape 4.x and Opera browsers don't support external files content scrolling. Alternative content can be provided for those browsers.
** - Transition effects are supported by Internet Explorer v5.0+ only.

Compatibility Table

Tigra Scroller PRO can work with any browser capable of generic DHTML.
Here is a table of the application compatibility:

Platform Browser
MS IE Netscape Mozilla Opera
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 4.0+ 4.x+ 0.9.x+ 5.x+
Mac OS 8/9/X 5.1+ 4.01+ 0.9+ 5.02+


Tigra Scroller PRO script consists of several files. This makes script maintenance easier and reduces network load.
Default distribution package contains:

Where ? and * are wildcards for single character and substring respectively.

There is no naming or location requirements for data being scrolled. Configuration and script files can also be located anywhere in the site hierarchy, but they should remain in same directory and naming convention should be carefully followed. To rename or move default script directory modify Tscroll_path_to_files variable in scroll.js file:

// set correct path to Tigra Scroller PRO files
var TScroll_path_to_files = 'tsp_files/'

Script files should be attached to HTML document with appropriate tags in header:

	<!-- some header data -->
	<script language="javascript" src="tsp_files/scroll.js"></script>
	<script language="javascript" src="tsp_files/scroll.tpl0.js"></script>
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="tsp_files/scroll0.css">

Box and Internal Controls Setup

The size of a scrolling area, positioning and sources of internal control images (pause, resume, next, previous, up, down) are specified by a scroller layout setting structure - JavaScript structure to be supplied as a first parameter to a scroller constructor function. By default scroller layout setting structure is declared in Tscr_LOOK? variable* of scroll.tpl?.js file.

Below is a table of keys supported in scroller layout setting structure:

Key Description Accepted Values Default Value
size scroller box size: [width, height] A positive integer number [150,100]
distance the size of gap between the items   none
item_w supply its value if you need item widths to differ from scrolling box width: use 0 (zero) if your item widths should be equal item content widths (for example, if all items contain images only) or any other numeric value you need.   scrolling window width (if the key is omitted)
s_i item cell style valid class name none
s_b scrolling layer style valid class name none
s_m substrate layer style valid class name none
pa image config for 'pause' icon (autoscroll mode only) An array See example below [110, 80, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'pau.gif']
re image config for 'resume' icon (autoscroll mode only) An array See example below [110, 80, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'res.gif']
nx image config for 'next item' icon (autoscroll mode only) An array See example below [130, 80, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'nxt.gif']
pr image config for 'previous item' icon (autoscroll mode only) An array See example below [90, 80, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'prv.gif']
up image config for 'scrolling items backward' icon (on-demand mode only) An array See example below [130, 4, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'aup.gif']
dn image config for 'scrolling items forward' icon (on-demand mode only) An array See example below [130, 80, 16, 16, TScroll_path_to_files + 'adn.gif']

A declaration of scroller layout setting structure can look like the following:

Tscr_LOOK0 = {
  // scroller box size: [width, height]**
  'size' : [400, 100],
  //style for item cell
  //style for scroller's body
  //style for scroller's 
  // image for 'pause' icon (autoscroll mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  'pa' : [360, 80, 16, 16],
  // image for 'resume' icon (autoscroll mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  're' : [360, 80, 16, 16],
  // image for 'next item' icon (autoscroll mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  'nx' : [380, 80, 16, 16],
  // image for 'previous item' icon (autoscroll mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  'pr' : [340, 80, 16, 16],
  // image for 'scrolling items backward' icon (on-demand mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  'up': [280, 4, 16, 16, 'tsp_files/aup.gif', 'tsp_files/mup.gif'],
  // image for 'scrolling items forward' icon (on-demand mode only)
  // [left, top, width, height, sorce_file, mouseover_sorce_file]**
  'dn': [280, 205, 16, 16, 'tsp_files/adn.gif', 'tsp_files/mdn.gif'],
  // the size of gap between the items**
  'distance': 10,

* - ? in files name and variables name corresponds to scroller index developer can assign to have several independent scroller configurations
** - Sizing and positioning parameters are specified in pixels

Options Setup

The second parameter of ones to be passed to the scroller constructor call is a scroller options (behavior settings) structure. It supports the following keys:

Key Description Accepted Values Default Value
auto autoscrolling of the content; if set to true, then makes content to scroll automatically; if set to false, then content will be scrolled on demand A positive integer number none
vertical vertical scrolling; if set to true, scrolling direction will be vertical; to false - horizontal A positive integer number none
speed scrolling speed, pixels per interval non-zero value; for auto mode use negative value to reverse scrolling direction 1
interval scrolling time, milliseconds numeric value 50
zindex basic layer height numeric value 0
hide_buttons buttons visibility (if set to true, then visible on mouse over; if set to false, then always visible)   none

Default location of scroller options structure is Tscr_BEHAVE? variable, scroll.tpl?.js file.

Sample scroller options structure declaration:

Tscr_BEHAVE0 = {
	// autoscroll - true, on-demand - false
	'auto': true,
	// vertical - true, horizontal - false
	'vertical': true,
	// scrolling speed, pixels per 50 milliseconds;
	// for auto mode use negative value to reverse scrolling direction
	'speed': 3,
	// visible on mouse over - true, always visible - false
	'hide_buttons': true

Content Setup

Content that is scrolled is blocks of HTML code that can be described directly in the configuration files or can be picked from external files.
Below is the list of supported keys with descriptions:

Key Description Accepted Values Default Value
file file to get content for item from A positive integer number none
content scroller item content (only body of HTML document) A positive integer number none
transition transition effect for the item [index, duration]; is applied when two items change each other; supported only in IE 5+ see below none
pause_b pause duration in seconds when item top gets top of the scroller box; ignored in on-demand mode while scrolling forward   none
pause_a pause duration in seconds when item bottom gets bottom of the scroller box; ignored in on-demand mode while scrolling backward   none

These items are listed in scroll.tpl?.js with Tscr_ITEMS? variable:

Tscr_ITEMS0 = [
	// external file
	'file': 's0_data/cont1.html',
	'content': '',
	// pause in seconds before the item
	'pause_b': 2,
	// pause in seconds after the item
	'pause_a': 1,
	// transition effect for the item [index, duration]
	'transition': 'revealTrans(TRANSITION=12,DURATION=0.5)'
	'file' : '',
	// direct content
	'content' : '<img src="clouds.gif" height="225" width="300">',
	'pause_b' : 0.5,
	'pause_a' : 0,
	'transition': 'revealTrans(TRANSITION=5,DURATION=0.5)'


The list of available transition effects

revealTrans(TRANSITION=0,DURATION=t) - Box in.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=1,DURATION=t) - Box out.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=2,DURATION=t) - Circle in.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=3,DURATION=t) - Circle out.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=4,DURATION=t) - Wipe up.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=5,DURATION=t) - Wipe down.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=6,DURATION=t) - Wipe right.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=7,DURATION=t) - Wipe left.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=8,DURATION=t) - Vertical blinds.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=9,DURATION=t) - Horizontal blinds.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=10,DURATION=t) - Checkerboard across.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=11,DURATION=t) - Checkerboard down.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=12,DURATION=t) - Random dissolve.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=13,DURATION=t) - Split vertical in.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=14,DURATION=t) - Split vertical out.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=15,DURATION=t) - Split horizontal in.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=16,DURATION=t) - Split horizontal out.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=17,DURATION=t) - Strips left down.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=18,DURATION=t) - Strips left up.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=19,DURATION=t) - Strips right down.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=20,DURATION=t) - Strips right up.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=21,DURATION=t) - Random bars horizontal.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=22,DURATION=t) - Random bars vertical.
revealTrans(TRANSITION=23,DURATION=t) - Random of all above.
blendTrans(DURATION=t) - Blending effect.

Additional DirectX transition effects


Styles Settings

Some visual aspects of the Tigra Scroller PRO can be set with CSS. Find below CSS classes which names could be assigned to Tigra Scroller PRO elements:

/* scroller background - TABLE */
.TScrBack0 {
	background-color: white;
/* style to be applied to all items' bodies TD or SPAN (NS4.x) */
.TScrItemBody0 {
	font-family: Verdana;
	font-size: 11px;
	text-align: justify;
	padding: 5px;


Stylesheets of external files (if any) are ignored


Script initialization block creates scroller instance. It can be called within table cell or any other relatively positioned HTML element. Initialization function has to be called with three parameters - Tscr_LOOK?, Tscr_BEHAVE? and Tscr_ITEMS?. Those are configuration structures defined in scroll.tpl?.js file. Any number of scroller instances can be created on the page and each can be configured independently by passing different or partially different sets of configuration structures.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- //
	new TScroll_init (Tscr_LOOK0, Tscr_BEHAVE0, Tscr_ITEMS0);
// -->

External Controls

Tigra Scroller PRO provides API that allows to control scroller boxes behavior by the customer's client side scripts. To access property or call the method desired scroller object must be selected from the global scroller collection - TScroll[]. Note that indexes are zero-based.
Below is the list of available properties and methods with usage examples:

property step - controls the speed of the scroller (pixels per 50 milliseconds), can be assigned negative value.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- // reverse scrolling direction for the first scroller
	TScroll[0].step = -TScroll[0].step;
	// -->

method sleep(delay) - pauses scrolling for delay seconds. Positive integer or floating point values are accepted.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- // stop second scroller for 3 seconds
	// -->

method stop(priority) - stops scrolling and defines priority level* required to start scrolling again.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- // stop first scroller so it can't be unlocked on mouseout
	// -->

method move(priority) - starts scrolling if the priority level* is high enough. If started then resets priority level to 0.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- // start first scrolling even if it was previously locked
	// -->

method click_pass(direction) - switches scroller to next/previous item. Positive direction values switches scroller to the next item, otherwise to the previous item.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- //jump to the next scrolling item
	// -->

method jump_to(n) - switches scroller to item with index n (zero based indexes are used).

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- //jump to the item with 0 index
	// -->

* - priority level is positive integer value defined when scroller stops.


You can assign different external names to scrollers for better external controls usage.
For example:

var myScroll = new TScroll_init (Tscr_LOOK0, Tscr_BEHAVE0, Tscr_ITEMS0);

Note: scroller internal name (i.e. if scroller is controled from its own item) is always S, regardless of how it is named by constructor call:


Terms and Conditions

Regular License

One Regular Tigra Scroller PRO script license gives the right to use one copy of the script (files: tsp_files/scroll.js, tsp_files/scroll.dom.js, tsp_files/scroll.nn4.js) within single domain boundaries.

Demo of Licensing Cases:
First Site URL Second Site URL Number of Licenses Required
http://www.domain.com/site_1/ http://www.domain.com/site_2/ one
http://www.domain1.com/ http://www.domain2.com/ two
http://subdomain1.domain.com/ http://subdomain2.domain.com/ two

To finalize registration process owner of the script license should provide SoftComplex Inc. with domain name which license is associated with.

Developer License

Developer license gives the right to include unlimited number of Tigra Scroller PRO instances in the products of license owner. Such kind of license is obtained automatically by those who have 9 or more regular licenses.


We offer 50% discount for the script starting from second license. To take advantage of this discount use the link sent with every order confirmation message.
Same discount initially applies to educational and religious organizations.


As owner of the Tigra Scroller PRO license You are allowed to configure the script in any possible way for use in Internet (public), Intranet (corporate) or offline application, however You are strictly NOT allowed (unless specifically authorized by SoftComplex.com) to:

Technical Support

You are entitled to free product upgrades and technical support for at least one year from the date of purchase. Technical support includes answers to script related questions via e-mail and/or Internet instant messaging services. Full scroller customization services are provided on customer's request at additional charge.

Violations of Terms and Conditions

Should you violate these Terms and Conditions or any other rights of SoftComplex Inc., SoftComplex Inc. reserves the right to pursue any and all legal and equitable remedies against you without limitation.

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