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I need
 Regular License
to use component for my site or for site of my customer
USD 29.0
 Developer License
to use component for unlimited sites or as part of the distributable product that we create or for multimedia CD
USD 145.0
I'll pay with
directly from paypal balance, using credit card, e-check or bank account
using credit card, check, cash or wire transfer
Frequently Asked Questions
How and when do I get the product?
Software is delivered automatically upon the payment approval. You'll receive order confirmation message with personal download link and initial instructions. In case of PayPal or credit card payment you'll be able to start configuring the script in seconds.
Is it safe to order from Softcomplex online?
Yes. Your online payment will be processed by one of well known, certified and trusted payment operators: PayPal or ShareIt. Secure connection is used to protect your information during the transfer. Softcomplex doesn't receive or store any customers' credit card information.
I'm not a programmer. What if I have difficulties using the product?
You don't need to be a programmer. We've already spent months improving the product so all you need now is just adjust some configuration options and attach script files to HTML documents of your site. Questions will arise and answers are ready:
  • online documentation - contains product information and specifications for all configuration files
  • numerous demonstrations - preset configurations to use as starting point
  • support forum - the source with the answers to frequently asked questions
  • free setup support - real person, highly qualified developer will be assigned to support you if any help needed
  • additional services - order configuration services from Softcomplex and get product installed and configured in your site without moving a finger
What is your refund policy?
We'll 100% refund your purchase if the product doesn't work as advertised. Please, make sure that the software you're about to order is actually what you expect. Tigra Scroller PRO is neither Microsoft Windows application nor Rapid Application Development System.
I hate receiving junk mail!
So do we, that's why we carefully protect your privacy. Ordering process generates records with your contact information in our license registry, but WE WILL NOT:
  • provide this information to any third parties
  • use this information to promote services or products that third parties offer
You may receive notifications about new version of the product released. We don't send more than one message per month. If you don't need those you'll be able to unsubscribe instantly.
Save $104.0 ordering single domain licenses for all commercial client side products in one package for only $119.0
Tigra Menu GOLDUSD 49.0
Tigra Menu PROUSD 29.0
Tigra Tree Menu PROUSD 29.0
Tigra Calendar PROUSD 29.0
Tigra Tables PROUSD 29.0
Tigra Scroller PROUSD 29.0
Tigra Calculator PROUSD 29.0
Total:USD 223.0
 USD 119.0
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Save $516.0 ordering developer licenses for all commercial client side products in one package for only $599.0
Tigra Menu GOLDUSD 245.0
Tigra Menu PROUSD 145.0
Tigra Tree Menu PROUSD 145.0
Tigra Calendar PROUSD 145.0
Tigra Tables PROUSD 145.0
Tigra Scroller PROUSD 145.0
Tigra Calculator PROUSD 145.0
Total:USD 1115.0
 USD 599.0
This package is best choice for companies and individuals offering web related services and multimedia CD publishing. Save time and money escaping forever from such nervous thing as cross-browser DHTML programming. With this highly configurable components you'll be able to concentrate on creative aspects of your projects.

Buy Now! and take advantage of this time limited offer. For alternative Credit Card payment option click here. Please, request invoice if you prefer to pay with check or wire transfer. We accept purchase orders.

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