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Tigra Script Configuration Service


Tigra Script Configuration Service is a special fixed price offer for custom script configuration. We'll listen to your requirements and do all the work. This offer is currently available for the following products:

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Tigra Configuration Service is a solution for those who need the professionally configured script but have no time to study the documentation and other support materials. With the fixed prepaid price there is no shocking bill to worry about.

How it works

  1. Purchase a configuration service credit
  2. Submit a support ticket providing your requirements
  3. Review the custom configuration attached to our response and provide the feedback
  4. Receive the final version and let us know if you have any questions

How to submit a request

To streamline the process please make sure to provide all the information needed to create your custom script configuration. This should include:

Terms, Conditions and Guarantees

  1. One Tigra Configuration Service credit is good for one configuration of one product. Additional credits can be purchased if multiple different configurations are needed.
  2. Although most of the configurations are completed within several hours it may take longer in some cases. We grantee our response time will not be longer than 2 business days. Usually we can provide accurate time estimate based on your request.
  3. We'll let you know beforehand if the features you requested are not supported by the free product or the product that you hold the license for. We'll make a recommendation if required features are supported by another product or provide you with the quote for the custom script development.
  4. We'll populate the menu with up to 50 items. We can offer data entry services at additional cost.
  5. We'll embed the script in up to 3 static HTML web pages provided to us in the attachment or via FTP. Integration with the databases, content management systems and other dynamic pages is not included in this service. Additional consulting services can be ordered separately.
  6. We'll use customer provided images, stock graphics or create basic graphical elements (round corners, gradients etc). This service does not include graphical design services. They can be ordered separately.
  7. On the customer's request we'll issue 100% refund for any unused configuration service credit(s).
  8. If for any reason the request can't be fulfilled according to the initial specification we'll inform the customer before allocating any additional resources to the job. This doesn't use any configuration service credits.
  9. Once we accept the job the configuration service credit is considered redeemed and it is not refundable unless we fail to satisfy the initial specification. We're not responsible for interpretations of terms and any assumptions.