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Tigra Validator Products - Features Comparison Table


This page helps to decide which Tigra Form Validator product best fits your application. Most of JavaScript validator features are listed with their descriptions.
If the version you have doesn't support some of the features it should according to the table below, please, download the latest version from the web site (free product) or contact support department (commercial product).

Comparison Table

Form Validator Feature with Description \ Product Tigra Form Validator
Tigra Form Validator PRO
Unlimited forms
Any number of forms can be validated on the same page. Each form validator instance can be configured independently.
yes yes
Unlimited number of form fields
The number of fields in the form is not limited by the script.
yes yes
Most of the form input types are supported
The validator can examine text fields, combo-boxes, select list.
yes yes
Caption highlight
The validator highlights the text captions of the form fields that failed validation.
yes yes
Predefined set of data formats supported
The validator supports following most frequently used value formats:
  • alphabetic
  • alphanumeric
  • unsigned integer number
  • integer number
  • real number
  • e-mail address
  • phone number (inc. hyphens & dots)
  • date (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • time (hh:mm:ss)
yes yes
Support of custom formats
The set of supported types can be extended by adding custom data types. Values can be verified with:
  • regular expression match
  • check in custom JavaScript function
yes yes
Disable on submit
Customizable list of form elements to disable on submit. Applied to submit button this feature can be used to prevent duplicate data submissions.
no yes
Alert box reports
On failed validation detailed report is displayed to visitor in message box.
yes yes
Advanced reporting features
Additional methods of reporting validation results to the visitor
  • validation error HTML box
  • validation success HTML box
  • validation success message box
yes yes
Custom error reporting function
Alternatively to standard reporting method custom function can be called when validation errors are detected.
no yes
Debugging features
Debug message boxes simplifying configuration procedures
yes yes
Localization ready
No hard coded messages, all text resides in editable, easy to switch variables. Script can be seamlessly translated to local language and/or used in multi language web site.
yes yes
Easy setup
Unless custom data types or custom error reporting is used the set up process does not involve any JavaScript programming.
no no
Browser compatibility
The range of different browsers/platforms is supported. For most websites it is very important to support as many browsers as possible (even rarely used ones).
IE 4+
NS 4.08+
OP 6+
MZ 0.9+
IE 4+
NS 4.08+
OP 6+
MZ 0.9+
Script size
The size of the script in KBytes. Heavy scripts keep visitors waiting while page is being downloaded. Size of the custom configuration isn't taken into account.
10.0KB (formatted)
4.0KB (compressed)
8.6KB (compressed)
Technical support
The way product related questions are answered. Tigra Form Validators are components for web developers. These scripts should be properly configured before they are published. To simplify this process we've created demos and illustrated documentation for each product. Technical support is also available.
Forum E-mail
ICQYahoo MessengerMSN messengerAOL messenger
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Free USD 29 (regular)
USD 145 (developer)

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