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Regular License

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One Tigra Menu PRO script license gives the right to use one copy of the script file (menu.js) within single domain boundaries.

Demo of Licensing Cases:
First Site URL Second Site URL Number of Licenses Required
http://www.domain.com/site_1/ http://www.domain.com/site_2/ one
http://www.domain1.com/ http://www.domain2.com/ two
http://subdomain1.domain.com/ http://subdomain2.domain.com/ two

To finalize registration process owner of the script license should provide SoftComplex.com with domain name which license is associated with.

We offer 50% discount for the script starting from second license. To take advantage of this discount use the link sent with every order confirmation message.
Same discount initially applies to educational and religious organizations.


Developers License

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Developers license gives the right to include unlimited number of Tigra Menu PRO instances in the products of license owner. Such kind of license is obtained automatically by those who has 9 or more regular licenses.


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As owner of the Tigra Menu PRO license You are allowed to configure the script in any possible way for use in Internet (public), Intranet (corporate) or offline application, however You are strictly NOT allowed (unless specifically authorized by SoftComplex.com) to:

  • Redistribute Tigra Menu PRO as any kind of JavaScript navigation system
  • Decompile or modify the code or header block of script file (menu.js)
  • Reverse-engineer the code
  • Claim authorship of the code

Technical Support

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You are entitled to free product upgrades and technical support for at least one year from the date of purchase. Technical support includes answers to script related questions via via e-mail and/or Internet instant messaging services. Full menu customization services are provided on customer's request at additional charge.


Violations of Terms and Conditions

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Should you violate these Terms and Conditions or any other rights of SoftComplex.com, SoftComplex.com reserves the right to pursue any and all legal and equitable remedies against you without limitation.


Links and references

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