Note: Tree Menu demos on this site reference a special version of the product that may not and can not be used in custom applications. Please, purchase the license to get the full functional version of the script
Note: This and other demos come fully functional and well commented in the product distribution package
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In the center frame you can see Tigra Tree Menu PRO instance. Tree items target different frames and windows. Click on tree items to see frames/windows targeting in action.

Flexibility and usability - Product supports numerous configuration keys that can be applied globally and overridden for particular item. With all those settings you can make navigation tree look exactly as your application requires. Even behavior of the script can be changed when taking advantages of programmable API and event handling. With minimum programming efforts component can be attached to dynamic data sources such as database or file system.

Performance and robustness - Tigra Tree Menu PRO is highly optimized JavaScript component that efficiently utilizes resources of the browser. The product is designed to smoothly operate hierarchies containing thousands of items. Configuration files with low formatting overhead save network traffic and guarantee fast download times.

Saves time and budget - The script saves time, funds and efforts at all stages of the web application development: you get the component that does what you need at fair price, with tons of illustrated support materials you start using tree menu instantly, you efficiently and comfortable maintain navigation component, you easily adopt script as your requirements grow.