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Tigra Calendar PRO v2.1.14 - Demo #2 (Onpage Calendar)
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  • Onpage calendar is always visible to your site visitors. It stores the date selected in a hidden form field - just click "Show me date & time!" button to see it.
  • Initially selected day for this calendar instance is always today.
  • You can easily shift between months, years, hours, minutes and seconds clicking on small up and down buttons near desired select controls.
  • Only Sunday, Tuesday, Friday on first calendar instance can be selected - those are allowed weekdays.
  • Every Wednesday and Saturday in 2003,2004,2005 on second calendar instance can not be selected - those are forbidden period.
  • Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in every January, March, May, September, October, November, December are marked as holydays: there is a small sun in upper left corners of their cells.
  • A JavaScript function can be called for a period for extra click processing - there are sample messaging function is handled on every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday on third calendar.
  • A JavaScript function can be called when you click on calendar`s controls and change its value - there are sample messaging function is handled when you click on month selector and change its value on third calendar.
  • Onpage calendar can redirect to another url when you click on a date or period of date - there a sample redirect is handled on every Saturday and Wednesday in 2003,2004,2005 on third calendar.
  • Calendar day groups can be are decorated in different ways: here days of the previous and next months are grey, selected is on the orange, today is with dotted border, weekends are on the blue.
  • Flexible calendar outlook template allows to change any aspect of calendar's appearance (colors, fonts, distances, sizes etc.). You can even hook calendar to existing stylesheets.

Easy date input - With Tigra Calendar PRO date input is easier than ever. Visitors can select any date from unlimited (or limited by developer) range with few clicks

Cost Saving Component - Don't waste your time coding date conversion and validation all over again for each new project. With Tigra Calendar Pro get the dates in the format ready for further processing. Many date formats come with the package.

Professional Look - Make your clients see they deal with the professionals! It'll take few seconds to copy Tigra Calendar PRO code to your application.

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