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Author: Subject: linking dates to HTML files

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Registered: 9/3/2003
Location: Halifax, Canada
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posted on 9/3/2003 at 06:31 PM Reply With Quote
linking dates to HTML files

Is there a version of Calendar Pro that permits the administrator to link particular dates in the calendar to an HTML file? And at the same time, can the dates that you select for such linkages also be highlighted in a different color (distinguishing it from the ?today?s date? highlight)? For example, I want to be able to use the calendar app as the main interface for the viewer, using it to post a calendar of events for a school, linking to details on individual dates on which an event is scheduled. Is that possible?
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posted on 9/4/2003 at 12:21 PM Reply With Quote

We can propose you our product PHP Event Calendar ( ). Hope it will suits your needs.
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Registered: 6/7/2004
Location: France
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posted on 6/7/2004 at 10:18 AM Reply With Quote


My question is very close to the preceding one (but the things perhaps evolved/moved since last year).

In your demonstration of the "OnPage" mode, the selection of a date updates a hidden field of the form. Is it possible to modify the calendar so that the selection of a date opens a new page?

Or, more generally so that this selection executes a Javascript function (which would be develop specifically) to carry out a particular treatment (such as ? for example ? opening a new page).

I also have an additional question: it is possible to record in the hidden field the reference of the event associated with the date (if exists) rather than the even date.

In fact, it is a question of obtaining the functionalities of the PHP Event Calendar but without having systematically a new loading of the page when the user changes month.


Fabrice P.
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please excuse the reliable quality of my English.
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posted on 6/7/2004 at 02:08 PM Reply With Quote

In most current version of Tigra Calendar PRO there is new feature which calls custom javascript functions on date selection. This feature is demonstrated in popup demo, see 'onclickdayall' key in calendar initialization structure in index.html file.

For upgrades to current version contact us at:
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