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Author: Subject: 'cal' is null or not an object

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Registered: 7/15/2003
Location: New York, NY
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posted on 7/15/2003 at 06:20 AM Reply With Quote
'cal' is null or not an object

I cannot get this calendar working correctly. I followed the instructions pretty closely. Here is the page generated by my coldfusion. Can anyone help me with this?


<link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

<script language="javascript" id="clientEventHandlersJS">
function edit_onclick(news_id) {
window.location = "index.cfm?action=edit_news&news_id=" + news_id;

<body bgcolor="#DE8703">

<P class="admin"><FONT color="#FFFFFF" size="5"><STRONG>Administration Page</STRONG></FONT></P>

<P style=admin>Edit News</P>
<form id="frmNews" name="frmNews" action="index.cfm?action=update_news" method="POST">


<td><input name="txtHeadline" id="txtHeadline" type="text" value="test1"></td>
<input type="Text" name="txtDate" value="">
<a href="javascript:cal.popup();"><img src="../calendar/img/cal.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="Click Here to Pick up the date"></a>


<script language="JavaScript">
var cal = new calendar2(document.forms['frmNews'].elements['txtDate']);
cal.year_scroll = true;
cal.time_comp = false;

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posted on 7/15/2003 at 07:43 AM Reply With Quote

To make calendar work correctly you should link calendar1.js or calendar2.js file depending on date format you need.
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