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Author: Subject: Family does not need to be?
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posted on 1/27/2011 at 06:09 AM Reply With Quote
Family does not need to be?

In "to the family" of today are growing, CSU Jungian not deny a family of genes Pick: "Many investors are call us the Golden Triangle, two sons and I formed a relatively stable management, investors believe that this model very well.”Division of labor for the father and son trio, CSU Jungian has its own considerations: the relationship between their own management team responsible for coordination, the eldest son Ha-Ha CSU is responsible for channel [U]gucci wallet[/U] and marketing, slightly introverted character, son of CSU is responsible for the production and distribution.

In fact, the family business grows, it should still belong to the person within the family heritage, or turning to professional management, has been highly controversial. Some scholars believe that only professional managers outside the family grudge influence can not, as one consideration for the company; but it was pointed out that once the family no longer in power, and its corporate [U]gucci belt[/U] will cease to exist, even more important: the company The strategy will become short-sighted. Ha-Ha CSU obviously has a profound experience. In his words, "Our family, all energies are in the top of the company." Father CSU Jungian "busy 365 days a year in the company of things", his only break two or three days a month. This family focus and dedication is unmatched by professional managers. On the other hand, the equity allocation that is easier to quickly determine [U]gucci sunglasses online[/U] management, decision making, especially for the rapidly changing Chinese market. CSU reached mentioned, he and his father, his brother often for dinner, "dinner will be responsible for each of their business." Even so, Olympic has been in research and development, sales, communication jobs have introduced a number of professional managers, more and more authorization.
Sequoia Capital in 2007 after the introduction of more and more "non-family shareholders," into the Pick: Advantage Capital, Shanghai Halo Jiao, Legend Capital and CCB International. The arrival of investors into was the funds not only for the Olympic, but also [U]gucci mens shoes[/U] make up for the limitations of the family.

Similarly, ANTA from 2006 to the systematic transformation of its management team has become increasingly diversified. Shushing mentioned that when the development of enterprises [U]toryburchcenter[/U] 1 billion to 60 billion, the experience has been unable to go beyond the original limits of the management - after all, he alone can not manage several thousand employees, dozens of dealers and thousands of scattered around the retail stores, and its personnel training Anta can not keep up with the speed of the speed of the company's growth. At this time, [U]gucci bagssale[/U] he systematic process to promote the internationalization of the company continues to grow.
But the next question is, in the executive meeting, the Shushing, family members found it difficult and foreign managers in the world to remain neutral, which also strengthened their resolve to break the wall of the family. So a few years ago, he began using his prestige to persuade the family members out the actual management and senior management positions will [U]gucci outletstore[/U] left to the majority of foreign managers. In order to keep this group of elite, specially shushing a separate section within the office floor as a staff rest area, which in addition to fitness equipment, but also made a not a small bar. At the same time, he will gradually limit the power of the family tedious workshop, even if the hearing more and more complaints are unmoved.
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