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Author: Subject: Subject: On closing of modal calendar [SOLVED]

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posted on 6/19/2008 at 05:47 PM Reply With Quote
Subject: On closing of modal calendar [SOLVED]


On a hijacked thread over on the Pro Version fourm : input color field ( ) Tigra Admin pointed me in the right direction...

First, I wrote a custom function in calendar.js that allowed me to determine that '' is the name of the div which holds the calendar elements ( add : alert(A_CALENDARS[n]; in your " for (var n = 0; n < A_CALENDARS.length; n++) { " init function to see it in action ).

Next, I had to write a function in my HTML page which is triggered during the ' onChange= ' function of my select list which allows the users to hide one div, and display another...

Vis: onChange="closeCalendars();"

Where the function is defined as follows:


// Called from around line 201 in UIControl.php for the singleDate / dateRange <select... onChange= > Directive...
function closeCalendars() {
for (var n = 0; n < A_CALENDARS.length; n++) {
if (A_CALENDARS[n] == 'visible') {
// OR if (A_CALENDARS[n].TC3b) { // Thanks Tigra Admin
// Defunct: My Lame Attempt...
// A_CALENDARS[n].showcal(); // Turn off the no_cal.gif Icon
// A_CALENDARS[n].showcal(); // Hide the calendar

A_CALENDARS[n].TC0x.src=A_CALENDARS[n].TCK.caliconshow.src; // Thanks Tigra Admin
// A_CALENDARS[n].TC0x.src=A_CALENDARS[n].TCK.caliconhide.src; // To show Icon with "close me" "X"

The double call to showcal() is a little messy, but it works... Without it, the calendar will become hidden, but the "X" ( ' click me to close ' Icon) remains... Probably a way around this, but I couldn't find it.)


Solution supplied by Tigra Admin on the Pro board, under the "Input Field Color" thread :

// Turn off the "no_cal.gif" Icon

A_CALENDARS[n].src=A_CALENDARS[n].TCK.caliconshow.src; // Thanks Tigra Admin


And there you have it...

I have, at times, 27 calendar to choose from, and two sets of select drop-downs that cause divs to hide or appear... I just added the onChange= to all of these <select statements, and all of my testing has returned the results that we are after...

That is, any calendar left open by the user goes away.

The fun takes place in the calendar.js funciton called: TC00 ...

I did a global change in my calendar.js file of 'TC00' to 'showHideCal' .

Scot L. Diddle, Richmond VA
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