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Author: Subject: Leaf Icons Disappearing -- HELP!

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Registered: 8/30/2006
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posted on 8/30/2006 at 11:25 AM Reply With Quote
Leaf Icons Disappearing -- HELP!

I have set this Tigra Tree up, and it looks pretty nice. I have two things that I wondered if anyone could help me to fix.

1. Leaf Icons Disappearing
This happens after clicking on the leaf itself. I have the leaf run a piece of javascript that adds a name to an object list. But everytime for each leaf, the icon for that very leaf disappears. What could be causing this?

2. Icon load is very slow
I have a tree with somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 records subbed into a total of 5 or so nodes. Two of these nodes contain about 900 leafs. When I click to open a node, the names all come up fine, but the icons load extremely slowly (and if I click on a leaf before all are loaded, what icons didn't get loaded never get loaded). Not sure what is causing this.

Here is my TPL file:
var tree_tpl = {
'target' : '_self', // name of the frame links will be opened in
// other possible values are: _blank, _parent, _search, _self and _top

'icon_e' : '/images/tigra/empty.gif', // empty image
'icon_l' : '/images/tigra/line.gif', // vertical line

'icon_32' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root leaf icon normal
'icon_36' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root leaf icon selected

'icon_48' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon normal
'icon_52' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon selected
'icon_56' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon opened
'icon_60' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon selected

'icon_16' : '/images/tigra/folder.gif', // node icon normal
'icon_20' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon selected
'icon_24' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon opened
'icon_28' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon selected opened

'icon_0' : '/images/tigra/page.gif', // leaf icon normal
'icon_4' : '/images/tigra/page.gif', // leaf icon selected

'icon_2' : '/images/tigra/joinbottom.gif', // junction for leaf
'icon_3' : '/images/tigra/join.gif', // junction for last leaf
'icon_18' : '/images/tigra/plusbottom.gif', // junction for closed node
'icon_19' : '/images/tigra/plus.gif', // junctioin for last closed node
'icon_26' : '/images/tigra/minusbottom.gif',// junction for opened node
'icon_27' : '/images/tigra/minus.gif' // junctioin for last opended node

Here is a sample of one of my .JS files (this is the smallest I have):
var TREE_ITEMS = [
['/Projects/rdi - main', null,
['.air-project-parameters', 'javascript: addObject('.air-project-parameters');'],
['.project-end.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('.project-end.ksh');'],
['.project-start.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('.project-start.ksh');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('');'],
['dml', null,
['application.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/application.dml');'],
['calculation.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/calculation.dml');'],
['constant.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/constant.dml');'],
['data_element.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element.dml');'],
['data_element_domain.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element_domain.dml');'],
['data_element_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element_type.dml');'],
['data_vector.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_vector.dml');'],
['dataset.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dataset.dml');'],
['dataset_element.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dataset_element.dml');'],
['dml_file.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dml_file.dml');'],
['dml_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dml_type.dml');'],
['ecs_error_code.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/ecs_error_code.dml');'],
['environment.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/environment.dml');'],
['graph.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/graph.dml');'],
['interface.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/interface.dml');'],
['lookup.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup.dml');'],
['lookup_component.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup_component.dml');'],
['lookup_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup_type.dml');'],
['mapping_rule.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/mapping_rule.dml');'],
['source.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/source.dml');'],
['transformation_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/transformation_type.dml');'],
['xfr_file.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/xfr_file.dml');'],
['xfr_mapping_rule.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/xfr_mapping_rule.dml');'],
['mp', null,
['design', null,
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/');'],
['run', null,
['rdi_gen_dml.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('run/rdi_gen_dml.ksh');'],
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posted on 3/23/2007 at 01:25 PM Reply With Quote
Help needed!!!!Same problem

I am using Tigra Tree Menu PRO. I am having the same problem. When I click on the menu item name the icon is getting disappeared. when I move the mouse over I am seeing the icon. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.
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posted on 3/23/2007 at 06:08 PM Reply With Quote

It is possible that icon for that state is not defined or missing. Look server's log file for 404 errors.
If you can't resolve the problem on your own then submit a support ticket.
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