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Author: Subject: pause_b and pause_a Not Controlling Current Content

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Registered: 12/30/2005
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posted on 12/30/2005 at 10:30 PM Reply With Quote
pause_b and pause_a Not Controlling Current Content


I am using multiple input files (4) to drive the scroller (v. 1.4). After extensive testing, it appears that pause_b and pause_a do not control the "before" and "after" sleep times for the currently displayed content. In fact, the pause times for the previous file actually control the sleep intervals for the active content. For example, here is the ITEMS definition code from scroll.variables0.js:

{ // file to get content for item from; if is set 'content' property doesn't matter
// only body of HTML document is taken to become scroller item content
// note: external files require time for loading
// it is RECOMMENDED to use content property to speed loading up
// please, DON'T forget to set ALL IMAGE SIZES
// in either external file or in 'content' string for scroller script
// to be able to estimate item sizes
'file': '../scroller/scroller4.html',
'content': '',
'pause_b': 5, // After 1
'pause_a': 0 // Before 1
'file': '../scroller/scroller3.html',
'content': '',
'pause_b': 5, // After 2
'pause_a': 0 // Before 2
'file': '../scroller/scroller2.html',
'content': '',
'pause_b': 5, // After 3
'pause_a': 0 // Before 3
'file': '../scroller/scroller1.html',
'content': '',
'pause_b': 5, // After 4
'pause_a': 5 // Before 4

In the above scenario, scroller4.html has content to fill the scroller window twice. In order to get a 5 second pause after the window loads, and then again after it scrolls in the balance of the content, I actually have to set the pause variables for scroller1.html in order to achieve the desired results. For reference, scroller1.html - scroller3.html all have less than one window's worth of text. The desired effect for those files is to have the data scroll to the top of the window and pause for 5 seconds. This is accomplished by setting pause_b to 5 and pause_a to 0 for scroller4.html, scroller3.html, and scroller2.html, as is demonstrated above. You can imagine how frustrating chasing down the proper pause controls can get as the files become more complex!

A cursory study of the roll() code seems to indicate that this may be where the problem lies, but I cannot say for certain. Am I doing something incorrectly, or is this a bug? If a bug, any suggestions on how to fix it?

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