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Author: Subject: Radio Buttons invalidating Validation code
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posted on 7/25/2005 at 04:24 PM Reply With Quote
Radio Buttons invalidating Validation code

Hi there
I have incorporated the Tigra Validation code into a form I am hosting on a website. I'm having trouble with the radio buttons included in my form and validation script. If I select a radio option but don't fill in any of the other required fields it is still possible to submit the form. Obviously I want all my required fields to be filled in before the user can post it.

HTML Code:

<td valign="top" id="t_requirements">
<td valign="top">
<table width="350">
<td valign="top"><label>
<input type="radio" name="RadioGroup1" value="Specifications Only">
Specifications only</label>
<td valign="top"><label>
<input type="radio" name="RadioGroup1" value="Specifications And Sample">
Specifications &amp; sample</label>
<td valign="top"><label>
<input type="radio" name="RadioGroup1" value="Other">
Other <span class="greyText">(please specify in 'Other Requirements' box)</span></label><br /><br />
</table> </p>

JavaScript in the body tags:

'RadioGroup1' : {'l':'Requirements','r':true,'f':'radiobutton','t':'t_requirements'},

VBScript in the ASP file:

& "REQUIREMENTS: " & Request.Form("RadioGroup1") &

This is a real head scratcher for me so your thoughts would be warmly received.
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posted on 3/13/2008 at 12:26 PM Reply With Quote
tigra form validator and radio buttons

hi! i solved this with javascript and an extra hidden field

in the example above i would add:

<input type="hidden" id="RadioGroup1Selected" name="RadioGroup1Selected" value="">

and add javascript to the radio buttons:

<input type="radio" name="RadioGroup1" value="Specifications And Sample" onchange="document.getElementById('RadioGroup1Selected').value='true';" >

and then require the field 'RadioGroup1Selected' in the validation

a little late for desWork, but other developers might accidentally stumble upon this solution thru this primitive search engine called Google :)
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