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Author: Subject: Custom Form Field Styles *saved* from destruction
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posted on 6/3/2005 at 01:10 AM Reply With Quote
Custom Form Field Styles *saved* from destruction

I don't know how many of you find this 'feature' annoying but I did and I did something about it!

If you have a custom style assigned to fields and/or form elements being validated or used in the error 'label' function, these styles are promptly destroyed by the validation process as tiagra applies its own:

Validation Okay style = "tfvNormal"
Validation Failed style = "tfvHighlight"

My form design included alternating colours for sections of the form which meant the default style was going to be insufficient as I wanted it to return the fields/elements back to the class style they were.

I adapted the code to support the assignment of a tfvNormal and tfvHighlight style for each of the elements being defined in the validation process:

'fSurname':{'l':'Last Name','r':true,'f':'alpha','t':'fSurname', 'c': 'classNormal', 'c2': 'classHighlight'}

c : Class name to use if field/label now okay
c2: Class name to use if field/label failed validation

If these aren't in the definition table the default tfv styles are used.

Useful to know the styles assigned may be more than one, eg

'c' : 'bigHead wideSpaced'

As per the CSS definition. Creative solution for an ugly problem.
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