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Author: Subject: Some problems with FireFox
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posted on 8/20/2004 at 10:04 AM Reply With Quote
Some problems with FireFox


I have a display problem with Firefox and my use of TigraHints. Let me explain :

My TigraHints just doesn't appear on screen. Using the Javascript console i saw that my variable "myHints has no properties" and that "THints is not defined".

My webpage works on IE6 (but not in Firefox).

My pages are produced by a servlet and some XSL Transformations
Here's some infos :

In My HEAD I wrote this :
<script src="./Spectacles/hints.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

var HINTS_CFG = {
'top' : 15,
'left' : 15,
'css' : 'hintsClass',
'show_delay' : 200,
'hide_delay' : 99999,
'wise' : true,
'follow' : true,
'z-index' : 0 // a z-index for all hint layers


'blablabla dooooooh !!!!' ,

var myHints = new THints (HINTS_CFG, HINTS_ITEMS);

<tr onMouseOut="myHints.hide()" onMouseOver="">

I know the problem doesn't come from Tigra cuz your demo page works using Firefox so ... i can't put my finger onto the error ...
perhaps the scope or the declaration .of my variable ...
i think that the path to the hints.js is correct ...(cuz it works with IE)

thanks in advance for your help !!!

===> Ouf, I found out the problem ...
(don't ask me pleaz, ... i change the name myHints into myHint, and in my path I reverse the separator (use / at the place of the window \) ... perhaps ...
the fact is : that rocks under IE or Firefox ...
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