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Author: Subject: IE Hang Occuring

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Registered: 4/10/2003
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posted on 12/2/2003 at 05:23 AM Reply With Quote
IE Hang Occuring

I seem to be experiencing an all out hang of the IE browser when I try to navigate the tree over a slow connection with the cache setting set to "Every Visit To The Page". (The hang still occurs when I have the cache setting set to "Automatic", but it is less frequent).

The interesting thing about this is that after navigating the tree control, the IE browser will discontinue to respond to any URL within the "domain" that the tree control was in (regardless of whether there is a tree control in the page or not).

If I type in a different domain into the URL, the browser will "come back to earth". Subsequent returns to the original domain will also be fine.

What is up with that?!?!?! Anyone else experiencing this issue?

This is definitely getting initiated by the tree control since clicking on the +,- symbols and graphics alone will cause the eventual hang to occur.

Here is an example of my tree control strategy:

[["Node","javascript:void()",{"st" : 0, "hs" : "CallForm(some_args)+DummyFx"},...]]

function CallForm(name)
// Build the URL to submit

function DummyFx()
return true;

In the above example, I've used a technique for using the event model to perform page posting rather than relying on the hyperlink argument (2nd argument of the tree array structure) to call a javascript function (this is a way to get the tree to respond faster when the cache setting is set to "Every Visit To The Page" - However, for really slow connections, even this technique is not enough).

As a side note, our CallForm() technique has not changed in over 2 yrs in our product, the tree control was purely a snap-in convenience added last month so I'm reluctant to focus in on that mechanism as being the problem. There's got to be something that the tree control is doing that trips up IE to the point where it can't respond to anything in the same domain.
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Posts: 15
Registered: 4/10/2003
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posted on 1/8/2004 at 07:32 PM Reply With Quote
Microsoft HotFix

Microsoft KBA article 818506 addresses this issue.
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