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Script does not work only in IE6
JosipMiller - 10/20/2008 at 02:44 PM


I tested this excellent script in Firefox 2 and 3, Opera and some other browser but IE is only browser that has problem with it. Page just stops loading or it continues loading very slow in IE and effect itself does not work.

I am not sure if I did something wrong because demo of new Tigra Fader works very nice in IE - so I am sending you link to problematic page:

Tigra Fader is employed in big slideshow just beneath the title. I am using some other scripts in this this design also but I think that they have no influence on this problem.

I also did cleanup of many layers generated in Dreamweaver here on my machine but problem still persists even though progress bar in IE now reaches almost to the end but still freezes there.

Any ideas what to do ?

Thank you and kind regards.


tigra - 10/20/2008 at 05:31 PM

It worked fine for me in IE7 under WinXP.

JosipMiller - 10/21/2008 at 09:07 AM

Then it must be trouble with IE6 and it will probably stay the same way. I'll try IE7 then.


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