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Error on .Save
lzoumas - 10/31/2005 at 08:34 PM


I am getting this error on our production server...

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0115'

Unexpected error


A trappable error (EEDFADE) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.

The code works fine on our development server, as far as i can tell everything is setup the same on both servers. here is the code...

Dim Zip
Dim FileList
Dim FileCount
Set Zip = Server.CreateObject("SoftComplex.Zip")
'create new zip file
'set root folder
Zip.RootDirectory = strDirectory & "temp"
'add files to archive
'save zip file
FileCount = Zip.Save
Response.Write "File Count: " & FileCount & "<br>"

Thanks in advance,

BladeFX - 3/20/2006 at 11:19 AM

same here.
The testcode works fine, but once applied in an application we get this error.
The zip however is created correctly.

BladeFX - 3/20/2006 at 03:34 PM

I found 1 thing.
The error only occurs when the component is used in a function. (haven't tested sub)

+ the zipobject may not be set to nothing, or the same error occurs

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