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My Cookies Are GONE!
dcane - 9/19/2003 at 08:47 PM

Is it possible (at all) the this tree control is removing other cookies from the server??

We use a cookie to store a session key, using in conjunction with tomcat. It has worked for years. Suddenly we are "loosing" session. Invesitgation is leading us to see that the cookies are being wiped out!

The only change to the application wihch uses cookies was the addition of this tree control.

1) is there ANY chance that TTM could stomp out the other cookies?

2) any other ideas?

I really look forward to your feedback.

We are going to strip out the tree control and see if the problem goes away.

Thanks for your help!!

-Daniel Cane

rock - 9/20/2003 at 09:01 AM

We have several projects where Tigra Tree Menu PRO is integrated within cookies DB. There was no conflicts or cookies corrupts observed.

dcane - 9/22/2003 at 04:19 PM

Well, my team turned off the tree control (ack - its hard to use the app without it!) and the session cookies have been working perfectly.

We do have 5 trees on the page - maybe this is part of the issue.

This application is several years old and has not had any changes to the sessions cookie system in a long time.

Somehow, the Tree control is removing ALL cookies from the server (our application cookies, session cookies, tomcat, everything!)

Rock - how can we diagnose things further with you??! My best programmer is looking into things further, but could use your help / un-obfuscated source to see what?s going on.

We are attempting to ship this product in beta on Oct 1. We are willing to PAY for your assistance in getting this resolved.

Please contact me or my lead architect, Scott Perian, as soon as possible.

Scott's email is sperian[at]blackboard[dot]com and his AOL IM is "snperian"

Awesome product, and I know we'll ge to the bottom of this!!


Daniel Cane
"blackboardguru" on AOL IM

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