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including javascript within the caption
phatrice - 9/16/2003 at 03:06 PM

hi, I am trying to include javascript within the caption which looks like

['<a href="" onClick="surprise('John')">',null,null],

but I haven't had much success with it despite tries with different conventions to escape the single quotes around 'John'

I tried ' I tried '' I even tried ascii but it didn't work.

rock - 9/17/2003 at 06:44 AM

The following syntax is correct:
['<a href="javascript:;" onClick="surprise('John')">Surprise...</a>'],
You should define href attribute, escape quotation marks, closing tag is required for anchor.

phatrice - 9/17/2003 at 06:21 PM

the code is like
<a href="javascript:;" onClick="wow('foo')">Machine</a>

and the link is inside a table as well
and it didn't work, the error message was ";" expected.

the code is outputted from sever side which is why the double quotes are escaped, but the code works without escaped single quotes.

rock - 9/18/2003 at 08:00 AM

The code you've mentioned works fine with Tigra Tree Menu PRO v1.1.
So if you are still having troubles with it please send URL of your project or set of related files to via Our specialists are ready to give you assistance with tree menu setup.

phatrice - 9/18/2003 at 03:17 PM

hi, I have version 1.0, how do I upgrade?

rock - 9/18/2003 at 03:45 PM

Please contact us at

phatrice - 9/18/2003 at 10:06 PM

thank you very much, it's working now

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