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Changing style for selected leaf when target is _self
Zackary - 7/29/2003 at 12:25 AM

I've got my styles set and I know they are working because I set the mout and mover styles and they show up perfectly.

But selected leafs will not show up in the style I've chosen for them when I have the link set to display as _self, or the same page. It does work if the target is set to a new window.

Another post suggested upgrading to 1.1, which I just did tonight without success.

I need this to work. Suggestions or solutions please?

rock - 7/30/2003 at 09:08 AM

Standart version doesn't support such functionality. But we have ready to use solution for this issue. So please contact us at

Zackary - 7/31/2003 at 04:32 AM

I'm not using standard, I've purchased PRO and have already contacted your support email.

The 1.1 version was sent to me and this still does not function properly.

rock - 7/31/2003 at 07:07 AM

Current release of Tigra Tree Menu PRO (version 1.1) does not support this functionality. But you can order the solution.

Zackary - 8/1/2003 at 03:06 AM

Order the solution? As in pay for it? Or as a feature request?

It works for frames and new windows, I just figured it would be supported for same page navigation.

I moved away from frames long ago and have no intentions of going back.

I'll send the email, but this should be standard for the pro version.

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