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Upgrading from free to PRO
wick - 7/26/2003 at 03:23 AM

Hi support..

I just decided to upgrade from the free version to the PRO version and I'm having an issue with upgrading.

Here's the scenario. I already have the free version running perfectly. Since there wasn't much docs on how to get the PRO version running I assume you just can copy the new tree.js file on top of the new one and have it work. When I copy the file everything seems ok until I try to use the new functionality.

I tried adding in a third parameter to one of the nodes of the tree so that it would automatically start open

ex: {'st': 1}

However, when I try this or any other item scope setting and load the page it shows a new leaf that says undefined.

Right now I have a bunch of different pages that use the same tree.js file. Each of the tree pages themselves are generated from a mysql DB and PHP. I hope this is enough information.



rock - 7/30/2003 at 08:59 AM

The format of the TREE_ITEMS structure is slightly different in PRO version. Nodes should always have three parameters. I.e.:
['Node','link.html', {'tt':'tooltip'}, .../*leafs*/...]
['Node', 0, 0, .../*leafs*/...] if not used.
Check if it is so in your script. Also please see examples from your download package.

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