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must forget 'state' sometimes..
deedeedee - 6/12/2008 at 01:10 PM


i have a menu with a few levels. i want it to remember the state when i go 'down' in one level (each time a new page is loaded, so it needs to remember). however, if i select another 'top node', and then come back to the former selected top node it remembers/expands its submenu state, which i don't want.

i can't just reset the cookie, because on each leaf-click pages are reloaded. but if i click a 'top node' i do want the menu to forget the state. is this possible? or let the cookie remember the state of maximum 1 'top node'??

thanks for help, (i just hope my explanation is clear!)


tigra - 6/13/2008 at 10:11 AM

if the pages you load are in different directories then the tree will save the state locally

deedeedee - 6/18/2008 at 03:04 PM

all pages are in the same directory.
can i reset the state when a certain page loads? (before the tree is built?)


tigra - 6/18/2008 at 03:49 PM

yes, you can, but there is no need to search for the work around when there's the problem that needs to be fixed.
please submit a support ticket providing the URL of your page with the tree. We'll take a look and let you know what causes the problem.

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