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DB Driving Question
smeagol - 12/20/2005 at 02:08 AM


I'm currently working for a school in Bundaberg, QLD, Australia, and we have a database that stores the following fields:

Node ID, Name, ParentID.

Can this product take that information and convert it to a usable tree?

tigra - 12/20/2005 at 02:44 AM

yes, the structure of your database is very similar to the softcomplex's samples.

smeagol - 12/20/2005 at 02:48 AM

Is it able to do this on the fly so to speak?

(rather than us having to build the menu offline and upload the stuff)


(Sorry for all the stupid questions... our IT manager wants to make sure...)


rock - 12/20/2005 at 12:24 PM

There are working samples of PHP and ASP driven functionality to prepeare Tigra Tree Menu PRO hierarchy structure online in Tigra Tree Menu PRO download package (addon folder).

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