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How to open a JSP application on the same page?
dugararihant - 10/5/2005 at 02:05 PM

hi all!
i am facing a problem in opening a JSP application. I need to open it on the same page.. next to the directory structure on the right hand side.. but everytime i click. a new window is opened..
please tell me how it can be done

urgent reply needed


rock - 10/5/2005 at 02:57 PM

Try to change target in the tree_tpl structure

dugararihant - 10/6/2005 at 05:55 AM

hi rock!
thanks a lot for the reply... i made the changes.. but one more thing ... what if i want to open a JSP page on the same page without changing the current state of the page.. i mean i dont want the old page to disappear and JSP page to open.. instead i want the JSP page to start up in lets say on right side of the page.. i hope i am clear..

reply soon

rock - 10/17/2005 at 09:03 AM

You want content to load into some area at the same page? Try iframe.

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