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Navigation tree to keep global state
shortpasta - 9/28/2005 at 08:21 PM

I am running a frameless environment & I am trying to display a navigation tree on the left of my page.
My navigation tree allows to select customers.
I'm using Tree PRO 1.2.

It seems to me that the tree is remembering the state for each page, I guess in function of the URI.
So if on "/home.jsp" I select "customer 1" and on "/other.jsp" I select "customer 2", then whenever I navigate to either page, the navigation tree state is remembered independently.

For this particular tree I want the state to be maintained globally, so that as a browser navigates between pages, the open/closed/selected state does not change.
How can I accomplish this?

tigra - 9/29/2005 at 01:31 AM

shortpasta - 9/29/2005 at 06:50 PM

that worked great.

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