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Struggling with node colours and links.
Tamilyrn - 9/21/2005 at 01:57 PM

I have a situation where I have a three (sometimes 4) deep tree structure.

I want the root to have colour scheme /styles A and the next level to have colour scheme / styles B. As best I can see I am able to specify only a node scheme which of course then propogates through the rest of the subnodes.

Is it possible to apply a style on an item (via tree_tpl for example) or any other method of achieving this.

Secondly, the purpose of my tree is (for the main) simply to list items - I don't want links. I can use null for the link but it still seems to treat it as a link - both in terms of the underline on the text and with the mouse cursor changing to a hand.

I upgraded to the pro version to sort this and other issues but am still struggling with the above.

Any help or pointers appreciated.

Tamilyrn - 9/21/2005 at 03:42 PM

ok - some progress being made :

I can apply styles to items but cannot change their colour or the fact that they are underlined (V1.2 pro).

If, for exmaple, I have a defined style in tree.css 'titlestyle' and make it bold and blue in colour and then apply the following to the title item :

{'st':1,'s0':'titlestyle','s4':'titlestyle','s64':'titlestyle','s68':'titlestyle', 's8':'titlestyle','s12':'titlestyle','s72':'titlestyle','s76':'titlestyle'},

What I get is a *black*, bold and *underlined* item.

Have checked for anchors etc. and, while I do have <font xxx color=#xxxxxx></font> items and indeed link anchors they are all correctly terminated.

Don't understand either the failure to change colour or the insitance on underlines (I don't want the title either to be a link or to behave like one).

Any help or suggestions ?

rock - 9/22/2005 at 10:36 AM

As some style settings for link in tree item could be inherited from global settings for the anchors, you should use style classifiers for link in tree item.
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Please see the product documentation for details

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