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keep state after reload with modifcation in tree
fgagnon - 4/19/2005 at 02:15 PM


I try to reload tree with some state into tree (open, close...).
But into the tree before and after reload (redisplay) is differente.
Because we have add 1 node into tree.

So, actually, the side effect is:
old tree like this=(see picture 1)
remark the node with label '2 - agreement.PriorCarrierPolicyInfo'
this node is open. And the node just above is 'TheTransactionalMessage'. This node is close.

The action will be done to server is add child node at

So, I expected result into next display of tree is:
node TheTransactionalMessage will be open (and
display child node of her) and the node '2 - agreement.PriorCarrierPolicyInfo' will be keeping open.

But, actually I have this result (see picture 2).
The child node of TheTransactionalMessage is open (because old state into cookies is setted to open) and the node '2 - agreement.PriorCarrierPolicyInfo' is close because is used the old state of node '3 - agreement.PriorCarrierPolicyInfo'.

Conclusion, when I add node into tree, the persistance of state is associated with index (not with name of node). So the tree is display with old state.

Is it possible to associate state with name of node (NOT WITH INDEX).
OR do you have other idea to resolve my problem?


rock - 4/20/2005 at 07:35 AM

Actually it's logical to accotiate the tree states with some stable hierarchy. Please refer to our Customer Care System and we'll discuss how we could resolve the issue.

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