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How to convert menu_items.jsp to tree_items.jsp?
sg - 1/25/2005 at 10:24 AM

Hello! I am Tree Pro User. The Menu Builder for Menu Pro generates menu_items.jsp file and the Tree Menu Pro needs tree_items.jsp file. So we really really need a Menu Builder for Tree Menu Pro at the earliest. Because I personally have to change my Tree menu due to additions etc. almost every alternate day. I heard you are working on it. When can we expect a release?

I tried renaming the menu_items.jsp file to tree_items.jsp but it does not work. Since both menus have the same fields, I think for now the Menu Builder can be used for the Tree Pro Menu. But how do I convert the generated the menu_items.jsp to tree_items.jsp? Please let me know.

Another reason why we need a Menu Builder for the Tree Pro Menu is that you cannot import a tree_menu.jsp file into the present Menu Builder. It gives a parsing error when you try to import the js files.
e.g. ...menu_items.js(9) parse error

I am not a pro in JSP so I do not want to work manually on the tree_menu.jsp.

Thanks & Regards.

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