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Problems with database
Bender - 1/11/2005 at 10:44 AM

I'm trying to implement the protreemenu with an access database and have encountered some problems:

1. Using ASP/VBScript the menu works but I can't access to a database that's in a different directory like ../database/db

2. Using ASP/JavaScript as a server Model, the menu doesn't work. I'm getting a compilation error (Microsoft JScript (0x800A03EC) with the Call build_hierarchy

Could you please provide a javascript version of the items.asp script? Most of my sites are programmed with ASP/JavaScript and I don't wan't to convert them all.


error call

rock - 1/11/2005 at 11:32 AM

We don't use VBScipst within our download packages, only JS. I don't understand the issue.

Bender - 1/11/2005 at 12:11 PM

Isn't the item.asp written in VBScript?

I found it inside the add-ons/asp_vb_database folder. It's the include file for the build_hierarchy_var and build_hierarchy functions (variables are declared as Dim not var, sounds VB to me ;) ).

Are there other examples with asp-DB-solutions?

Bender - 1/11/2005 at 12:15 PM

I'm working with dreamweaver and ASP/JS model.

rock - 1/11/2005 at 01:29 PM

I mean we don't use VBScript in cientside solutions. For asp DB serverside item-building addon we use ASP-VB scripting. How do you propose to use JS at serverside?

Bender - 1/11/2005 at 01:51 PM

I guess it would be fine if I could use a item.asp file that's written in javascript instead of VB. Or is this not possible? I do get compilation errors when I define a recordset in Javascript and call the build_hierarchy fuction to build the tree.

What about the "../" problem calling a database from subdirecory? Does that work?

Is it possible to add an accesslevel functionality (based on database entries) to the menu?

Thx for your help :)

Bender - 1/11/2005 at 02:23 PM

Just an short overview:

I created a test.asp with asp/javascript model
I created a recordset with the menu data
I run the included items.asp with <SCRIPT RUNAT=SERVER LANGUAGE=VBSCRIPT>
I call the database directly with <%Call build_hierarchy ...

I'get the following compA?lation error:

Microsoft JScript (0x800A03EC)
';' expected


Call build_hierarchy("dataconnect", 0 , "TREE_ITEMS", "WEB_NAV_SIDEBAR", "SBLID", "SBTID", "title", "home_url")

If I run the page with ASP/VB as a server model, the menu works fine.

rock - 1/12/2005 at 09:27 AM

You could find the proper call of build_hierarchy_var within the 'add-ons/asp_vb_database/demo.asp' from your download package. There's also installation and setupping instructions within every add-on's folder (add-ons/asp_vb_database/index.html)

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