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can a total javascript ignoramus use Tigra Tree Menu PRO?
quietfart - 9/14/2004 at 04:41 PM


From what I've seen, you guys offer a great product here, and it's just what I was looking for. I would like to purchase your Tigra Menu PRO, however, I wanted to clarify if it can perform all the functions I need before going ahead and purchasing your product, and more importantly, make sure I can implement them without knowing any javascript!

1) On your webpage, it states that "Optimized for dynamic content: configuration files formats are simple and space efficient. Pull and visualize any hierarchical data from database, file system or whatever." I know no javascript, no programming languages except for some basic HTML and am using Frontpage to build my website. The webpage is very organization-intensive, and so I need for Tigra Menu PRO to be able to automatically build the tree from the file system. Can I do this without any knowledge of javascript? If not, will Tigra's support center help me with this? If so, is there an extra charge?

2) Tree staying open upon page load on a website not using frames: I see from your forums that this is apparently possible (my exact concern is voiced at, but again, my concern is that I know no javascript / programming. Would I be able to implement this with Tigra Menu PRO?

Thank you for your time!

tigra - 9/14/2004 at 06:08 PM

1) tigra tree menu pro distribution package contains php and asp code for dynamic tree generation from the file system. This code comes with clear installation instructions. No javascript knowledge is required. Technical support is available. Additionally customizations and installation service can be ordered at reasonable rates in case you need someting beyond standard options.

2) this feature is supported by Tigra Tree Menu PRO and it doesn't require any activation or configuration.

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