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Do openItemByCaption or find_item functions work with trees built from build_hierarchy_var function?
lcalcote - 8/21/2004 at 03:56 PM

I build a tree using the build_hierarchy_var function and try to search by caption using the openItemByCaption function (or more specifically the find_item function) and have no luck matching my search criteria.
I use the sql table "products" provided by SoftComplex and make the following call as an example --> openItemByCaption("Client"); (or more specifically TREES[0].find_item("Client");)
What am I missing? or does the find_item function not work with dynamically generated mysql/php tree menus?

rock - 8/23/2004 at 08:43 AM

Of cause there is no difference whether you serach within dynamically generated hierarchy or within hard-coded one. Maybe the reason is in the function return value. It should be an array.

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