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Removing links from captions
DFielder - 1/13/2004 at 09:16 PM

Is there any way to stop every caption from being listed as a link? If I define the link as 0, the caption is linked to "http://somewhere/0" - if I don't define the link (2nd parameter of an entry), the link is then "http://somewhere/undefined". I'm going to use the Menu scripts to provide functionality, so I don't want to use the tree entries as HTML links.

rock - 1/15/2004 at 08:51 AM

Our specialists can customize the script for you. But replacing anchor tag in the control significantly affect control's compatibility.

Iolai - 7/8/2004 at 03:44 PM

Who should I talk to to achieve such functionality?

rock - 7/8/2004 at 03:53 PM

Please refer to our support system:

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