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multiple targets, collapse subtrees automatically
doppel - 11/19/2003 at 12:41 PM


Is it possible to address multiple targets from one tree item to set multiple frame contents at once?
url1, target1, url2, target2 ...

Is there a way to configure the script that subtrees on the same level are collapsing automatically when another subtree is opened?
As a result only one subtree on a given level is open.

rock - 11/19/2003 at 01:21 PM

1. Curent version of the script does not have such functionality implemented. But you could declare handler function on select event for the item and obtain requested feature.
2. The demo4 (bottom tree) in your Tigra Tree Menu PRO distribution pakage illustrates such behavior.

tigra - 2/18/2006 at 01:59 AM

reloading multiple frames:

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