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Tree Manu PRO feature request
dward - 11/12/2003 at 07:58 PM


First of all, thank you for your top notch product. I have tested several other similar products and yours out performs all of them and is the easiest to setup and customize. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time and is well worth the price.

The only thing that I would change is the container element of the caption. If the anchor (<a...>) element were removed or made optional then the style of the caption would be much more easily manipulated.

For now, I have settled with a work around. I close and reopen the anchor element in the caption.

var tree_tpl = [['</a>Caption<a>', 0... etc.

This way I have complete control over the style of the caption from my stylesheet and can still make it function as a link using javascript when needed. It does the trick but I also have to redefine the status bar message for each node that I do this in. It also adds quite a bit to the size of the tree_items.js file which is not a big deal for most projects. However, it has increased the download time a bit for my largest tree (18000+ nodes).

It would be great if this option were added to the next version. In any case, thanks again. Keep up the great work!


rock - 11/19/2003 at 10:13 AM

We'll implement the featere in the future releases. But our specialists aslo could customize the script for your needs.

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