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Retain the color of the selected item even when traverse to another tab.
Rithika - 1/9/2008 at 05:55 AM

I have left tree and right tab operation .when i click the right tab accoringly the tree get displayed depending upon the conditions chekcs(ie access level security).Her teh proble is when i click the left menu and click another tab ,then the tree is not retaining the selected item.

tigra - 1/9/2008 at 04:13 PM

If the redirect from one page to another happens outside the tree then it has no way of knowing what item to highlight.
You'll need to add the code to each page that will find associated tree item and highlight it.
The documentation page for Tigra Tree Menu PRO has code samples for searching the tree by text or link.

Rithika - 1/10/2008 at 08:54 AM

I have gone through the documentatino section and could not find the excat code for the tree link or Html text.
Any code snippet would be more help ful.

tigra - 1/10/2008 at 11:18 PM

The documentation I mentioned is at:

Again, this is for PRO version.

The sample function is: openItemByCaption can be added before the end of the function if you want that item selected.

After you add this function to say tree_tpl.js you can call it supplying the name of the associated item on each page you load to sync the tree selection with it.

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