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naqvia - 4/12/2007 at 09:13 PM


I pretty much want a checkbox after each (or some) of the nodes and perform an action. So I need to make a form. Is this possible? How do I do this? Thanks!

tigra - 4/13/2007 at 04:47 AM

You can either insert the <input type="checkbox"> into the text of the tree items or modify the script to adding the checkboxes to the HTML generated by the tree. If you want us to do the job please submit a support ticket for the quote.

naqvia - 4/13/2007 at 04:16 PM

And what about a form.. like I want a submit button and reset button.. ? I added the checkboxes (through html) and when tree produces.. and you check boxes they don't get checked!.. the whole thing get selected.. here is where im running my tree: Thanks

tigra - 4/13/2007 at 04:38 PM

Well, I guess you'll need to take plan B. <a ..> around checkbox blocks the access to it. In some browsers it may be ok, but reliable solution calls for HTML change in the tree.js

naqvia - 4/13/2007 at 05:31 PM

Can you help me with that? How?

tigra - 4/13/2007 at 07:52 PM

in line 122 of tree.js you can add add a cell to the table:
replace with
</td><td><input type="checkbox"></td></tr></table>
add attributes to the input field as needed for example
</td><td><input type="checkbox" name="cb' + this.n_id+ '"></td></tr></table>
will create the unique names for all checkboxes cb0, cb1 ... etc.

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