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Leaf Icons Disappearing -- HELP!
wizard2222 - 8/30/2006 at 11:25 AM

I have set this Tigra Tree up, and it looks pretty nice. I have two things that I wondered if anyone could help me to fix.

1. Leaf Icons Disappearing
This happens after clicking on the leaf itself. I have the leaf run a piece of javascript that adds a name to an object list. But everytime for each leaf, the icon for that very leaf disappears. What could be causing this?

2. Icon load is very slow
I have a tree with somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 records subbed into a total of 5 or so nodes. Two of these nodes contain about 900 leafs. When I click to open a node, the names all come up fine, but the icons load extremely slowly (and if I click on a leaf before all are loaded, what icons didn't get loaded never get loaded). Not sure what is causing this.

Here is my TPL file:
var tree_tpl = {
'target' : '_self', // name of the frame links will be opened in
// other possible values are: _blank, _parent, _search, _self and _top

'icon_e' : '/images/tigra/empty.gif', // empty image
'icon_l' : '/images/tigra/line.gif', // vertical line

'icon_32' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root leaf icon normal
'icon_36' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root leaf icon selected

'icon_48' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon normal
'icon_52' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon selected
'icon_56' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon opened
'icon_60' : '/images/tigra/base2.gif', // root icon selected

'icon_16' : '/images/tigra/folder.gif', // node icon normal
'icon_20' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon selected
'icon_24' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon opened
'icon_28' : '/images/tigra/folderopen.gif', // node icon selected opened

'icon_0' : '/images/tigra/page.gif', // leaf icon normal
'icon_4' : '/images/tigra/page.gif', // leaf icon selected

'icon_2' : '/images/tigra/joinbottom.gif', // junction for leaf
'icon_3' : '/images/tigra/join.gif', // junction for last leaf
'icon_18' : '/images/tigra/plusbottom.gif', // junction for closed node
'icon_19' : '/images/tigra/plus.gif', // junctioin for last closed node
'icon_26' : '/images/tigra/minusbottom.gif',// junction for opened node
'icon_27' : '/images/tigra/minus.gif' // junctioin for last opended node

Here is a sample of one of my .JS files (this is the smallest I have):
var TREE_ITEMS = [
['/Projects/rdi - main', null,
['.air-project-parameters', 'javascript: addObject('.air-project-parameters');'],
['.project-end.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('.project-end.ksh');'],
['.project-start.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('.project-start.ksh');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('');'],
['dml', null,
['application.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/application.dml');'],
['calculation.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/calculation.dml');'],
['constant.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/constant.dml');'],
['data_element.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element.dml');'],
['data_element_domain.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element_domain.dml');'],
['data_element_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_element_type.dml');'],
['data_vector.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/data_vector.dml');'],
['dataset.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dataset.dml');'],
['dataset_element.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dataset_element.dml');'],
['dml_file.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dml_file.dml');'],
['dml_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/dml_type.dml');'],
['ecs_error_code.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/ecs_error_code.dml');'],
['environment.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/environment.dml');'],
['graph.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/graph.dml');'],
['interface.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/interface.dml');'],
['lookup.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup.dml');'],
['lookup_component.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup_component.dml');'],
['lookup_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/lookup_type.dml');'],
['mapping_rule.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/mapping_rule.dml');'],
['source.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/source.dml');'],
['transformation_type.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/transformation_type.dml');'],
['xfr_file.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/xfr_file.dml');'],
['xfr_mapping_rule.dml', 'javascript: addObject('dml/xfr_mapping_rule.dml');'],
['mp', null,
['design', null,
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/design/');'],
['', 'javascript: addObject('mp/');'],
['run', null,
['rdi_gen_dml.ksh', 'javascript: addObject('run/rdi_gen_dml.ksh');'],

tigrauser10 - 3/23/2007 at 01:25 PM

I am using Tigra Tree Menu PRO. I am having the same problem. When I click on the menu item name the icon is getting disappeared. when I move the mouse over I am seeing the icon. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

tigra - 3/23/2007 at 06:08 PM

It is possible that icon for that state is not defined or missing. Look server's log file for 404 errors.
If you can't resolve the problem on your own then submit a support ticket.

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