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setting target
BaptistKitty - 11/1/2005 at 05:09 PM

I'm not understanding how to give a link in the tree a target frame other than the main one. I dont know a lot about frames and I'm not sure where or how to put it. Can any one help?

BaptistKitty - 11/1/2005 at 08:28 PM

I have tried all these from different threads and help things I have found:

['abcd', 'URL', {'tw' : '_self'}],

var TREE_ITEMS = [
['Projects', '" target="_new') ],

[ 'parentItem', '',
['childItem1', 'someURl', 'myTarget'],
['childItem2', 'someURL', 'myOtherTarget'],

and I didnt understand this one:

None of them have worked... Is there any way to do it?

rock - 11/21/2005 at 12:32 PM

PRO version has setting to adjust target individually:
['abcd', 'URL', {'tw' : '_self'}]

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