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Customize Target into i-Frame
CLAU2005 - 10/24/2005 at 03:33 PM

good morning

Please give me the right code to open a target window in the same i-frame ...

I tested this code

['Same Frame','', {'tw' : '_self'}],

but javascript open always a new windows


rock - 10/24/2005 at 04:12 PM

Are you using PRO version?

jonas.gunnarsson - 3/25/2008 at 09:55 AM

I had the same question, but asked in anoter thread.
I guess you need the Pro-version to get the tw to work properly!?

tigra - 3/25/2008 at 04:30 PM

yes, with free version you can set the target globally for all tree items (in tree_tpl.js) with PRO version you can also override that for each individual item with 'tw' key in tree_items.js Free version doesn't support 'tw' key.

jonas.gunnarsson - 3/26/2008 at 08:25 AM

"tree items (in tree_tpl.js)"
I'm referring to the tw in Tiagra menu, in menu_items.js

tigra - 3/26/2008 at 03:00 PM

You'll need PRO version of the script to utilize this feature.

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