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Target set in child window
jchodakowski - 5/5/2005 at 03:32 PM

I'm using the free version of tree menu to populate a list of items to select from in a pop-up/child window, and the hyperlink of these items is set to a javascript that will populate back to the parent window.

My problem is that no matter what I set the target to in the template file, any click on a hyperlink opens a new window. I've tried wrapping everything in a single frame and giving it an id and naming that in the template file, but no matter... still opens a new window.

Is this something I need tree menu pro for or can I pull it off with the free version?


J --

rock - 5/6/2005 at 05:40 AM

Target frame setting should work in both versions. Does the same issue occurs with demo1 from your Tigra Tree download package?

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