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Icon Source upon initial page load
Brucecris - 1/31/2005 at 05:20 PM

Initially I had no problem with this script but since last week I have moved my JS pages into a subdirectory and updated all my references to point to the new location. I also updated the references to the icons. My problem I am seeing is that when the page loads everything is perfect except that certain icons (other than the root icons) do not appear (folder icons, join icons, leaf icons etc) except until after they are clicked. Even with that the join icons still do not appear.

I was wondering if there was something that i needed to change in the TREE.JS file to point to the new locations. Please ntoe that I have updated the locations of the icons in the TREE_TPL.JS file.

When I get the properties of one of my images this is what I am seeing:

Please help if you can. -Bruce

Just as a sidenote my icon directory was on the root but i have since moved it underneath my IMAGES folder adn this is when the problem started

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