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How to add autoscroll feature to the tree
padmapriya - 1/18/2005 at 06:43 AM

We have 1000's of items in the tree.Whenever we make a search in the tree, the particular item gets highlighted.
But most of the times it's not visible to the user.The user has to scroll to see the highlighted item.Is it possible to scroll the browser to a positive relative to the highlighted item.

tedqn - 9/2/2005 at 06:27 PM

you can do an autoscroll to it..

document.body.scrollTop = 15 * itemIndex

assuming each menu item is approx 15 pixels high... of course need careful calculations.

rock - 9/6/2005 at 09:02 AM

Try to use focus() method of the object containing the item highlighted.

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